Diet and nutrition plan for healthy hair by qualified trichologist in West Yorkshire

Diet is so important for lustrous and healthy hair. Daily nutrition has a huge impact on our hair growth and is reflected on the quality of each individual strand of hair. Our body channels the nutritional intake first to the vital organs and then to hair and nails. So when there is any kind of nutritional imbalance, it will show up first with a shedding form of hair loss. At Hair & Scalp Clinic, we believe in treating your skin, scalp and hair problems by using a combination of healthy and nutritious diet with professional hair loss treatments. Visit our clinic today.

Balanced diet

On average, an adult man needs about 2500kcal and an adult woman needs 2000kcal every day. Our daily food intake needs to include the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins to ensure good health. Talk to our trichologist for a personalised diet and nutrition plan.

Feed your hair with healthy meals

  • Protein rich foods – legumes, pulses, nuts, eggs, chicken, fish, turkey and dairy products
  • Omega-3 – oily fish, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and avocados
  • Iron, vitamins and minerals – spinach, lentils, nuts, grains, eggs, various meats including beef, carrots, sweet potato, dates and green vegetables.
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